About us

About us

We Are Here for You

Dr. Zahra Torabi's psychology clinic, with more than 8 years of professional experience and having a set of expert colleagues, offers a variety of services, which include: health and mental health assessment by means of drawing tools, projection and popular questionnaires and a valid.
You can get the assessment and measurement of intelligence, type of intelligence and talent, creativity and talent detection, specialized psychotherapy services, etc. with our clinic.

Expert Psychologist

We help you by examining the causes of mental disorders in the field of finding the root of the problems using speech therapy and regular meetings.


The right to confidentiality and privacy is one of our most important duties, and the information obtained from your patient remains a secret.

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Our Stages

Because All Problems Have Solutions


Make an Appointment

In the first step, we will make an appointment and listen to your explanations. We are proud to be by your side to contribute to your peace of mind.



In the meetings that are held, there is a conversation between the consultant and the clients. This conversation is held completely confidentially and in peace and is absolutely necessary to understand the client's problem.


Therapy / Counseling

After listening to your words, review and suggestions will be collected. Treatment and solutions are based on the results obtained from the consultation.

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Final Result

You can reach a positive and final result when you take all the solutions seriously and follow them. We are with you to reach this stage.

We are by your side to help you achieve peace of mind and overcome your problems.